Tiling the walls in your bathroom or kitchen will prevent you from experiencing damp or grease stains. They can make your house look smarter and make cleaning significantly easier.

Tiling in Cambridgeshire can apply tiles to your kitchen or bathroom, updating your home and making life less stressful.


Easier to Clean

Cleaning tiles are so much easier than cleaning walls. With condensation build ups the water vapour can be squeegeed off, or it will just run off the tiles in its own time. Due to the water resistant nature of the tiles, the vapour won’t absorb into the walls, stopping damp and mold from growing.  


No Grease Stains

Often when cooking grease will get on the walls and can be difficult to clean. With tiles, it makes the process a lot easier! Using special cleaning solutions, the grease will just wipe off the tiles a lot easier than it would if you were cleaning a painted or wallpapered wall.



Tiles don’t catch fire due to them being able to resist high temperatures and not being made of flammable material. This makes your home safer as if a fire were to break out then it won’t spread as fast or as far.  


Long Lasting

Tiles last a lot longer than you would expect! The average lifespan of tiles ranges between 75 and 100 years. With good care, they will not crack or fade unless something was deliberately thrown at them.     


Odour Resistant

Due to the nature of the tiles, they don’t absorb smells or moisture, restricting the likelihood of getting a funky smell in your house. As a result of this, kitchens strongly benefit from tiling.


Cost Effective

Applying tiles to your walls can be expensive and seem a lot of money at first, however, in the long run, it pays off. With the durability of the tiles and their long lifespan, it means that they won’t need to be replaced unless they are physically broken (which is unlikely). A domestic tiler in Cambridgeshire will professionally install tiles to your home giving you the opportunity to save money.

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