There are so many types of baths that you can get fitted in your home. The type of bath and size of bath you have will depend on the size of your bathroom and how much space is available. Bathroom design in Cambridgeshire will help you see what type of bath would go well in your bathroom.


Standard Baths

Standard baths tend to be a rectangular shape that smoothly sits against the wall. The sizes tend to range between 1.50 – 1.80 metres by 0.70 – 0.80 metres. These fit best in both traditional and contemporary bathrooms and bathrooms of all sizes.


Whirlpool Baths

Whirlpool baths are everyone’s dream! There’s nothing quite like relaxing in a bath that comes equipped with water jets to massage your skin and bubbles to accompany the relaxation gently. These baths can be quite pricey. However, they come in many sizes enabling them to be a fit for any bathroom!


Corner Baths

Corner baths are a very modern style to have. These types of baths are very good for smaller bathrooms as they can slot into the corner, further optimising the space available for other furnishings and appliances. If you’re having trouble redesigning your bathroom, then bathroom fitters in Cambridgeshire will assist you in choosing the right bath for your bathroom and give you a professional service.  


Shower Baths

A shower bath is one of the most functional bathroom appliances. They can come in a few styles, but the most common are the ‘P shape’ or the ‘L shape’. These shaped shower baths curve out at the side where you would stand for a shower, to enable a wider bath for more room to move around. More often than not, shower screens come with the shower bath to stop shower water from leaving the basin.


Inset Baths

An inset bath is effectively a bath that is submerged in the floor or between walls. This allows the bath to have a surface around the sides and ends for you to put candles, towels or wash products on. Inset baths have very elegant designs and offer a peaceful morale in the bathroom.


Free Standing Baths

If you’re looking for a traditionally designed bath, then freestanding baths are for you! Their simple design is effective and calming. With new designs and styles being released, it allows them to fit perfectly in modern bathrooms too. They stand by themselves in the bathroom and help offer the room a clean and tidy vibe.

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