Kitchen worktops help define your kitchen, and the choices are endless! If you’re looking for a traditional look then wood would be best for you; however, marble and quartz give a nice clean, modern finish. Kitchen fitters in Cambridgeshire will help you get the kitchen you’ve always dreamed of having!



Granite is one of the most naturally durable materials available. Due to it being a natural material, each worktop will be unique as no pattern is the same. Granite’s durability enables it to be heat, water, scratch and stain resistant. These qualities allow it to make an excellent kitchen worktop and will provide your home with a calm, modern look.



Marble is a classic worktop material! With its clean look and subtle colouring, it fits nicely in all kitchens. Marble needs to be taken care of and requires specific cleaning products that don’t have any form of acid in. Acidic cleaning products will corrode the stone. The recommended ways to wipe down a marble worktop would be a warm cloth with a small amount of non-abrasive soap.



As a worktop, quartz is virtually indestructible. It’s highly durable, heat and stain resistant. Quartz looks beautiful in all kitchens as it’s subtle colours suit its surroundings and blend in. Due to its durability and the fact that it’s non-porous, quartz won’t scratch nor will it chip, similarly to granite. Quartz is an incredibly tough material enabling it to be suitable for kitchens and bathrooms.



A laminate worktop is affordable, practical and sustainable. Laminate worktops come in a range of finishes including granite, wood and marble. Due to these finishes, it allows you to have your dream work surface for an affordable price. The laminate has a realistic texture and has been made to make it scratch, stain and water resistance.   



Wood is naturally beautiful, and as a work surface in your kitchen, you can get either solid wood or bespoke solid wood fitted. Solid wood is treated to allow it to withstand daily use and is available in a different range of sizes. Bespoke solid wood can be made to order to enable it to fit your home perfectly. Again the wood is treated to allow it to be long lasting and to avoid it discolouring.



Minerva is a material that has been blended with acrylic sheet making it suitable for surfaces and worktops. Due to its manufacturing, Minerva has a smooth finish and will resist regular cleaning chemicals making it easier to clean as specialists products aren’t required. Kitchen design in Cambridgeshire will redesign your kitchen, allowing you the opportunity to choose the kitchen design that’ll fit your home.


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