Bathrooms are one of the most used rooms in a house. As a result of this, they can get messy quite quickly, especially if multiple people are living in the house. Finding ways to avoid the mess makes the process of maintaining the bathroom a lot easier. Bathroom renovations in Cambridgeshire can transform your bathroom into a more functional and operative room; offering you more storage facilities and improved access.



Shelving units are the optimum thing to have in your bathroom. They come in different sizes and shapes allowing them to fit into your bathroom with ease and giving you more areas to store you wash items.


Wash Baskets

Having baskets for your dirty laundry will allow for you to keep track of what is clean and what is dirty. It will take the dirty clothes off of the floor and make the bathroom look cleaner, bigger and a lot tidier.


Toothbrush Holders

A holder for your toothbrushes will keep them from touching unsanitary areas further ensuring that they are clean for use. The holder will also be able to accommodate for more than one toothbrush, therefore if multiple people live in the house at once, they can all use it.


Towel Radiators

Getting a towel radiator will allow your towels to dry a lot more efficiently after a shower than they would if they were on a compact radiator. Towel radiators are specifically designed to optimise the drying process of towels. Renovations in Cambridgeshire will easily install towel radiators into your bathroom, making it more efficient.



Cabinets are an excellent way of storing certain belongings that you either don’t want in sight or don’t want being picked up by the wrong people. Above the head cabinets are perfect for storing personal belongings like medication or for keeping certain possessions out of reach such as cleaning products.   

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