There are 5 different types of bathrooms that you can choose from, these all depend on the space in which you have within your home and your budget you have to spend.


Master bathroom


These are very large and are usually very luxurious; they are often found linked on to the master bedroom. They usually include spa like features to them. A typical master bathroom will include a bath, shower, twin sinks, storage, dressing area, shower, toilet and occasionally a sauna or steam shower.


Full-size bathroom


This type of bathroom is often the most popular and will usually be used as a family bathroom. It will typically include a bath, shower, sink and toilet along with storage facilities. They are very customisable and are often designed depending on the space available to ensure that the bathroom is as accommodating as possible.


Three-quarter size bathroom


A three-quarter size bathroom would typically only have either a bath or shower along with a sink, toilet and a small amount of storage area. These are quite often built in smaller homes as the main bathroom but can also be built as a second bathroom in slightly larger homes.


Half bathroom


These are bathrooms that don’t include bath or shower facilities; they are often built in houses that are in need of second toilet facilities and can be built downstairs to allow toilet facilities there.


Shower room


This is a room that just has a shower within it. Often built as a separate room to houses that only have a half bathroom so need somewhere else they can go to the shower.


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