Introducing tiles into your home or to your commercial building has a vast amount of advantages to it. Building and home renovations in Cambridgeshire want to give you the best experience. They’ll improve your home or make your company look more professional.       


Easy to maintain/clean

When it comes to cleaning the tiles, it’s a lot less demanding than needing to clean a carpet. To do a general clean of the tiles you just simply need to have a broom to sweep away the dirt. However a deep clean can be a bit more intense and will require a tile cleaner solution to maintain the shine on the tiles.

Should a tile need repairing they are relatively easy to fix and a lot simpler than repairing other types of flooring.     



Unlike carpet, tiles don’t wear thin. The general lifespan of tiles ranges from between 75 years to 100 years. Harder tiles such as marble and granite can last for more than 100 years. This shows the durability of the tiles, so unless they are purposefully broken, they should last a very long time without needing to replace them.   


Cost effective  

Deciding to have tiles is a good investment as they last a long time and are good value for money. Due to their long lifespan, they won’t need to be replaced therefore you won’t have to spend more money on them. The cheapest types of tiles are ceramic however if you want something a little fancier and longer lasting, then you want to be looking at granite (this is considerably more expensive).   


Vast Range of Designs and Materials

Tiles are very versatile. They come in many different patterns, styles and materials. This allows for a better choice of what to have for your home or commercial building. The large selection of tiles means that you can pick a design that will suit your home/commercial building the best. Commercial tiling in Cambridgeshire offers a range of tiles to ensure you have the design you want!


Easy installation

Installing tiles can take between 4 to 8 hours however it’s suggested to take about a day due to laying the tiles down during the day and further allowing the night for the mortar to set. Domestic tiling in Cambridgeshire will professionally install tiles without issue or hassle.    



Tiles are very adaptable to their surroundings. Despite whether they’re being installed on the floor or the walls, they can be cut to fit the existing appliances in the room. For example, they can be cut to go around the cabinets or the bathtub/shower.

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