Redecorating rooms in your home is always a fun thing to do. Getting the paint out and getting new furniture to design your home in a way that suits you! Renovations in Cambridgeshire have professionals who will decorate your room to suit your style and make it feel more like a home.


Paint Light Colours

Painting a room is always exciting, however, choosing which colour paint to use can be quite stressful. If you’re going for a bright coloured room, you will benefit from using light shades of paint. The light colours will make the room seem larger. Natural light will reflect off it keeping it bright even in the evening!


Feature Wall

Rooms can look beautiful all being the same colour, however, mix it up and give it some character. This can be done by having a feature wall. Paint this wall a different colour to add some more colour to the room, or you can apply wallpaper to it.


Match Colours

If you want a room to look organised and tidy, try matching the furniture to the colour of the room. From doing this, the entire room will look organised as it the colours will all come together and compliment each other.

Choose Colours That Make You Happy

The colours that make you happy will be different for everyone due to individual style and preference. If you’re decorating a room, take into account the colours that make you happy and use them to create a room that you will feel content and relaxed in.


Add a Personal Touch

Make your house a home by giving it a personal touch. This can be achieved by putting up family photos or photographs of treasured memories. Maybe you’ve made something or had something made for you? Put it on display to show to everyone who lives in the house or who visits.


Pick a Theme

Perhaps you want to theme the room you are decorating. If you’re decorating a bedroom or playroom for your daughter or son, think about fun themes of something they enjoy. For example, under the sea, lego or favourite film characters. However, if you’re looking for a more sophisticated finish for the kitchen perhaps, then consider themes such as vintage, modern or classic. Kitchen design in Cambridgeshire will help you choose a style that suits you and show you some designs that will match.

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